Elevate your success with Danielle Lazier Coaching

Real Estate Coaching, Small Groups, 
and Role Play for Agents Who Aim Higher

Meet Danielle
Danielle Lazier - San Francisco Real Estate Success Coach

Elevate your success with Danielle Lazier Coaching

Real Estate Coaching, Small Groups, 
and Role Play for Agents Who Aim Higher

Meet Danielle
Danielle Lazier - San Francisco Real Estate Success Coach

The Best Real Estate Coach

Top agents reveal what makes real estate coaching with 
Danielle Lazier stand out from other programs.

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Ready To Unlock Your Potential?

What if your business looked like this? Would you be better off or worse? More or less content? Make more or less money? Have more or less free time?

  • 6% all of the time, every time
  • Buyer-broker agreements for every buyer
  • Time-blocking, including scheduled time off and vacation planning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Daily meditation and mindset
  • Physical and financial health and wellness
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Work with Us

Ready to level up?

Explore our coaching opportunities designed to give you the edge in client relationships and deal-making.
Stressless Sales Coaching by Danielle Lazier
Save Your (Virtual) Seat!
Starting April 10th, join our new 12-session real estate coaching and role play series — Stress-Less Sales — where we study and practice “Tuned-In Listening” and advanced emotional intelligence communication tools and negotiation strategies.
Tuned-In Listening, Tactical Empathy, and advanced Emotional Intelligence
Exclusive weekly sessions

You’ve experienced the power of Tuned-In Listening, Tactical Empathy, and advanced Emotional Intelligence in your business and life. Imagine the impact we can make as a tight-knit group of like-minded professionals, committed to mastering these skills and supporting each other. Calls are weekly and ongoing—jump in and join your group!

1:1 Training
1:1 Training with Danielle is now available on a limited basis.
Private 45-minute session every 2 weeks
3-month commitment
$2,000 per month

Find out about availability and next steps — email coaching@daniellelazier.com.

Buyer Broker Crash Course
Master the Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement Conversation in Just 4 Weeks!

This September, join me for a four-week Stress-less Sales crash course and learn:

How to seamlessly implement the exclusive buyer broker agreement into your business
Proven strategies to explain the agreement to clients with ease
Tips to build trust and rapport from the get-go

As with all of my real estate coaching and training, this is not about your “sales skills” or creating a better value proposition or buyer presentation. We will focus on tactical empathy a la Chris Voss, advanced emotional intelligence, and Tuned-In Listening.


My coaching style is not for everyone. It is bold and direct. It may even come across as bossy or pushy. (Do any kindred spirits relate?) It may be considered “woo-woo”. It does not come with handouts, workbooks, script cards or a massive social media presence.

I will push you out of your comfort zone and have you throw away your “dog and pony show”. I will encourage you to think critically about your business and how you spend your time and money. We will talk about your life in general — not just work. We will focus on advanced emotional and situational intelligence along with tactical empathy to practice what I call Tuned-In Listening.

Portrait of Danielle Lazier, SF Real Estate Success Coach

We Have a New Playbook

What if your business looked like this? (Spoiler alert: mine does.)
You are paid your full fee every time.
Buyers sign an exclusivity agreement every time.
No more free consulting. You start the process after there is a mutual commitment to work together.
Buyer and Seller presentations morph from 1-2 hour affairs (plus prep, travel time, and follow up!) to a 10-20 minute screening call via Zoom and/or telephone.
You only work nights and weekends when you want to.
You can tackle any tricky conversation or situation with ease.
You have time off for yourself, your family, your hobbies.
You have mental, physical, emotional and financial wellness.
You enjoy your clients, your business and your life.
How would you feel?

Less stressed? More confident? Capable of doing more business in the same amount of time? More free… ?

Why Am I Coaching?

Is it crazy for a successful real estate agent to want to coach and help other agents be more productive, profitable and happy? Aren’t we all competitors? After 20+ years, I know this isn’t true. The better we are collectively, the more valuable we become to the consumer. Rising tides raise all ships. And given the immense pressure and attack on the real estate industry, it is time to level up.

I am a coaching/training/self-development junkie. Learning from others and implementing in my own style is a secret to my success — both as a top agent since 2002 and as a working mother/spouse/person who wants to have a really good life in and out of real estate. And I want to help you do the same.

Danielle Lazier with Coaching Clients
Meet Danielle

Upcoming Courses

Situational Intelligence: Communication Methods to Boost Sales, Navigate Difficulty & Decrease Stress

Small group sessions via Zoom
1:1 Coaching
Top Performer Video Series
Inquire here for upcoming courses and more information.

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Danielle Lazier - San Francisco Real Estate Success Coach

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